Other Reasons
For Testing

Neuropsychological tests

Neuropsychological tests attempt to measure deficits in cognitive functioning (i.e., your ability to think, speak, reason, etc.) that may result from some sort of brain damage, such as a stroke. Psychological TestingNeuropsychological tests are used to examine brain function and impairment. The Luria-Nebraska and Halstead-Reitan test batteries are amongst the best known and more commonly used neuropsychological measures. Psychological testsBy using such measures, neuropsychologists can detect and localize organic brain impairment and develop rehabilitation programs for cognitively impaired individuals. A neuropsychologic evaluation is more sensitive to the functional manifestations of brain impairment than neurological tests such as an MRI or CAT scan.

Career/Occupational Tests

Career testsCareer/ Occupational tests attempt to match your interests with the interests of persons in known careers. The logic here is that if the things that interest you in life match up with, for example, the things that interest most school teachers, then you might make a good school

Other Reasons For Testing:

In order to determine what types of tests will be administered as a part of your battery, a comprehensive interview must take place first. Clients will meet directly with Dr. Simon to discuss the specific tests that will used in a given battery.